Q: How to contact him?

A: Drop me an e-mail. Call me if you wish, but I am not a native English.

Here is my business card:

I have been working at Uvaterv for 14 years. Uvaterv Rt. is a leading engineering consultancy in Hungary, has a staff of 200 people, approximately. Uvaterv has 11 MX in AutoCAD licences today.

Waterway is our family run company. It was founded in 1997 to perform smaller projects. As an independent engineer I can contract for any highway engineering project assuming it does not conflict with interests of Uvaterv Rt.

InputPlus is a product of Waterway.

My official mail address (pinter@uvaterv.hu) works properly, but it is for e-mails related to Uvaterv. Thus, pzs@waterway.hu is my actual e-mail address.

I maintain the tiny website of Waterway. It introduces the company and provides downloading InputPlus and other useful tools for highway engineers. Unfortunately, the site is still in Hungarian.

If you are intent on calling me dial my mobile number: +36 305 009 036.