Q: What does he wish?

A: To tackle engineering problems and share experiences.

To tackle

I have been working with computer for 14 years. Sometimes I hate it. Is it strange? Did anyone feel the same when the repetitive slave-work soured the life?

I had to find a solution. While MX ran on Unix machines, only the macros and few AutoCAD scripts helped us.

Since MX has the SDK, new prospects were unfolded. First, I tried little applications, how it works, actually. Then a new large project came. Instead of giving up I began working out the basics of InputPlus. Of course, I did not know then it would be the InputPlus once.

I go on developing the InputPlus continuously. Maybe, a highway engineer in the future - after four or five years education - sits at the computer, starts InputPlus, enters few data and clicks the 'do all' button.

Would you enjoy a software like this?


I strive to achieve nearly the same.:-)

To share

In Hungary, the network development is on the right track. More and more engineers and technicians use MX and InputPlus. The government plans to standardize the MX based data supply. I am really glad to have a share in a growth like in Hungary.