Q: What is InputPlus?

A: MX users' dream.

First of all, InputPlus is for advanced users only. No clicking, no interactivity, just executing (a batch of) input files.

InputPlus is my invention. It is an input file preprocessor, written in Visual Basic with the MX's SDK. With InputPlus the user can simplify and clarify their input files and speed-up the design process extremely.

If the user writes an input file, it can be processed by using the File>Input menu option in MX. If the input file is extended with new commands, functions, options and variables, my InputPlus software can execute it.

The improved macro facility is the most important part of the power of InputPlus. An InputPlus macro is similar to an MX macro. However, my macro can contain different major options, new functions, it can call another macro. A macro also can be executed repetitive. The number of repetition can be controlled by a constant or a list of data.

The MX users who follow the new programming system can, of course, use their old input files, but they will soon realize that their files can be much shorter, clearer and simpler. Later, they will be able to take the advantages of the ensured access to Excel sheets and AutoCAD drawings, and can also pass the control to a script or a lisp. The ability of the bi-directional data communication to the above applications will provide new prospect in input files during the design process.

In Hungary, the leading engineering consultancies use MX with InputPlus. It is clear for them that to take part in the 'national road network development plan' is impossible without my software.

Download InputPlus from my website and try. InputPlus will work for a month without authorization code. After a month you must register the software and obtain the authorization code that I issue.