Q: Who is this guy?

A: That' s me.

Name:PINTÉR Zsolt
Date of Birth:27 July 1966
Address:Liszt Ferenc 10
H-1042 Budapest, Hungary
Phone:+36 305 009 036
Family:Married, three children (30, 26, 13)
Profession:M.Sc. Civil Engineer
Specialities:highway design, programming
softwares: MX (MOSS), AutoCAD, AutoLISP, Visual Basic,
HTML, MS Office, etc.

I graduated from the Technical University Budapest in 1990 with a degree in Civil Engineering. I have been working for UVATERV Engineering Consultants Ltd. since November 1990 as a highway engineer. Today my position is senior adviser, I am responsible for the technical background of the MX users and I design as well.

Our company bought the first MOSS licence in 1992. The first training was held in English in our office. I participated in a CGAL training in Horsham, England, in 1993. I gave a presentation about our design methods in a MOSS Conference in Lille, France in 1996.

I have been working with MX (MOSS) since 1992. I designed several motorway sections and highways in Hungary. There was not any problem that I could not solve with computer.

First I wrote additional programs (UPMs) on Unix platforms. Later the MOSS Systems changed the operation system to Windows and provided a powerful programming facility (Visual Basic). These developments brought significant breakthrough for me. I developed an extremely efficient tool (InputPlus) to speed-up and simplify the design process. The InputPlus proved to be very successful among advanced MX users, who can write command scripts (input files).

Today I am one of the most experienced MX user in Hungary. I go on developing the InputPlus continuously. Recently I have been working on 5 large projects - design for approval and construction design - at the same time. The total length of these motorways is approx. 100 km. Developing the motorway network is urgent in Hungary, therefore large tasks fall on our company and me as well.

My design method, tools, softwares (included InputPlus) and several ideas of mine are pleased, accepted and used in all the Hungarian road designer companies who take part in the National Highway Network Development. Without my help none of them can meet the increased requirements. I wonder if engineers abroad can work with my ideas with same success.